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How would you rank Eifert, Graham, Walker, Rudolph


How would you rank this tier of TE’s in non ppr


Graham - should be 2nd in targets if he stays healthy
Eifert - Could be top 5, problem is health. Should be 2nd in targets
Rudolph - developed great chemistry with Bradford last year. Wouldn’t be surprised if he finishes higher than is current ADP
Walker - Still a top target for the Titans, a lot of mouths to feed now with Decker signing

  1. Graham
  2. Eifert
  3. Rudolph
  4. Walker


I think Walker is so criminally underrated. He’s very talented and not TD dependant. There’s a lot of mouth in Tennessee, yes, but Walker has been there since Mariota came in and I think that familiarity pays off with a safe catch/yardage floor each week.

  1. Graham
  2. Walker
  3. Eifert
  4. Rudolph

I don’t think any of these guys are far off from one another, and I’m not big on taking any of them, I’d rather Doyle/Ebron/Bennett.


PPR - Rudolph, Graham, Walker, Eifert
Standard - Graham, Rudolph, Walker, Eifert

Eifert, isn’t in the running because he has been injured every year in the league.
Their '16 stats are all of the same, with the exception of Rudolph catching 20 balls. I see Walkers TDs coming down with Decker in town.


Hey guys guess what…spreadsheet.

The numbers highlighted in green are the best of the 4 that year, and those highlighted in red are the worst of the 4 that year.
Well Rudolph has the most green because he had a monster season in 2016, then Walker, Graham, and finally Eifert. Now Eifert has a good excuse having been injured for half the season and Graham was learning a new offense in 2015. I also suspect the Seahawks bought Graham’s name without knowing exactly how to use him.

What I find interesting though, is that Walker has no red boxes. He was not last in any category AND finished with the 2nd most green boxes.


^ Why isn’t TD’s listed?

  • TD’s last 2 years -
    Eifert 18
    Walker 13
    Rudolph 12
    Graham 8


They are the last column, but the hardest metric to predict. I have 4 columns dedicated to red zone stats?


Okay, I didn’t know if that part was cut out. I can’t see it, probably because I’m on my phone.

Obviously you want a TE with a lot of RZ targets & RZ catches, but ultimately TD’s are pretty important.


Do you guys see a large difference between the 4? Is there one that is far superior to the rest


@cousinal111 Yeah could be not sure how these things show up on mobile.

@Adidas95, I put Eifert and Graham in a tier below Walker and Rudolph. Eifert for injury and Graham’s numbers just aren’t good without Easy Breesy.


I like models of efficiency at te. It’s an under rated position, but honestly for good reason. Problem is they can be game changers. So for me my list is based off of who I can count on the most. And seeing as Guinness has yet again shown us the light of the all mighty stat sheet ill make my point off of it.

Delanie walker
Kyle Rudolph
Jimmy Graham
Tyler eifert

Over the last 2 years, walker has received more than Rudolph by 27. Almost 2 receptions a game. His catch percentage is 2% higher as well. And tds are close but walker has him still. Even bigger is total yardage. 600 more yards. Now im painting a picture of walker being far superior. Nay nay, it’s still very close. I do think kyle will have a better season, but the consistency of walker is too good to pass on. I know what im getting with him. Was last year an outlier for kyle? Maybe. So that makes him a small gamble. As for the other 2, Graham i think is the better talent out of all of them. He just so happens to be in a place he does well in… He just doesn’t. And eifert is in the best spot… He just can’t stay on the field. If I could guarantee eifert to be 16 games he would be number 1, just because of volume. But i cant, and he won’t be.

Best part, both kyle and walker are going in the 7th. Right where I want to take a te. It’s a beautiful thing really 2 have 2 awesome options in the exact round you want. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.


Jesus this phone is getting ridiculous with its auto corrects.

Graham is in a place he should do well in… He just doesnt.*

To have 2 awesome options*

I think its time to post only on my computer boys.


@BusterD My stat sheet must not show up on mobile.

Also who were the top 3 targeted TEs in the red zone last year?
Rudolph with 44
Gates with 25
Reed with 20


that cant be right, because according to your spreadsheet, kyle has 34 not 44, and walker has 21, 1 more higher than reed.


Yep I was wrong.
Rudolph with 44
Gates with 25
Brate/Henry/Kelce with 23


“Graham’s numbers just aren’t good without easy breezy.” This statement isn’t valid. Unless you’re comparing him to his mammoth seasons in NO. Compared to Rudolph and Walker, his numbers are on par or better. Looking at ’16, which is the most valid comparison because it just happened and more realistically projects reality, Graham has the most yards and tied in # of TDs. His upside is huge and with another offseason with Russ Will you can see his numbers going up. Walker has Decker in town (a red zone hawk) and a new shiny rookie talent to deal with. Rudolph neared his ceiling last year. I can see him getting a slight bump up with a full offseason to work with Bradford. Since all is equal, you draft the upside of Graham.


But getting Rudolph later isn’t that much of a downgrade?


You right, but what I am looking at is the RZ catch rate. No other TE dropped to the 30s and he stayed there two years in a row. With Easy Breesy Cover Girl he hit 58% in 2014, 62% in 2013, and 50% in 2012.


I agree that RZ catch rate is a useful stat, Graham’s % is much lower than his NO days and lower than the other three compared in this thread. My understanding is that you asserted Walker and Rudolph rank higher than Graham for '17 complete stat projections. The stats used for fantasy scoring say Graham is very comparable to Rudolph and Walker in '16. The difference is Graham is a physical freak comparable to Gronk. Last year, Seattle finally figured out how to use him. Also, look at his trend from '15 to '16, every stat exponentially increased. Projecting into '17, what if Seattle feeds him even more, he realizes some of that potential from his NO days and he continues the '15 to '16 trend. You have huge upside there.