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How would you rank IDP's?


What round should you start to draft IDP’s?


Really depends on scoring setup, but typically a LB will be drafted roughly like QBs/TEs. Top ones can go as early as the 3rd, but most go in the 6-9 range.


Really depends on scoring system and how comparable the defensive opportunity is compared to the offensive side. For example, if it is a tackle heavy system (2pt Solo, 1pt Assist) then it will definitely skew toward earlier selection of LB’s as the top guys will be averaging 18ish points per week - may be on par with a non-PPR early RB selection. In a PPR setting or if it is more of a big play system (less points for tackle, more points for INT, Sack, forced fumble, etc. then they will get pushed out.

Generally in my league (non-PPR, Tackle-heavy) the first IDP is usually a DE (Watt or Mack) going around the same time the top TE goes (Gronk - 2nd round). The top tier LB’s will go in rounds 3/4 and the top safeties a bit later. After that it’s all about value, but it seems once the first LB’s go, everyone follows suit to get one of the better guys, which should leave some great value on the OFF side of the ball.

My experience on the LB side is that in recent years there’s less of a gap from the top tier to the middle tiers, but it’s never a bad idea to grab a stud, especially if you play multiple LB’s. They seem to be highly prone to injury, but you can definitely find some value throughout the year as opportunities open up.

I tend to make a mini-list of the guys coming back off injuries from the last year that often slip because they aren’t showing on 2016 “stats rankings” or are getting less love based on history. Examples being D. Johnson, Burfict, Shazier, etc.


Thanks guys. This helps a lot