How would you set my line - must win to get in!

Line ups below, I’m on the left. We’re the top scoring teams but both 8-5 and must win to get into playoffs. How would you set my line up?

I’m slightly regretting benching Cooper after some solid garbage time

Any takers here, it’s really the QB and Flex/RB2 slot I’m concerned about

I think I would do Allen over White

Thanks, I was waiting to see Jags injury report on that too, if they’re down their slot CB then I think I’ll fire him up.

You like Fitz over Ryan and Tannehill this week? Fee like I need some upside do counter Jackson and Henry’s propensity to have massive games lately

I’m not big on Ryan this year so maybe someone else vouches for him. Tannehill is a strong start, but if you’re looking for a guy with the upside of possibly slinging 3 TDs then it’s Fitz. Tannehill has the yards and his legs will help him, but I think Henry does the final punch in so that takes away from Tannehill. But if you think the rest of your team can keep you in the game then go Tannehill because Fitz will also give you at least one turn over.

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