How would you set my lineup?

Half point ppr

Curious Im looking at a similar thing and idk how i feel about starting both andrews and brown. I have jackson in another league so I am tied to that too but both of those guys are really the only two that actually catch tds how confident are you in starting both together?

Outside of that i dont think id really change anything

Same boat…right now I have Andrews and Hollywood slated in. Normally i wouldn’t have 2 pass catchers on the same team, but my OPPONENT this week has Lamar Jackson…if I had Lamar myself, i probably would not be starting 2 of his pass catchers.

I might substitute Kirk for Hollywood in that line-up, even though it’s a tough matchup and Vegas has ARI scoring only 17 points.,

Kirk put up a 2/8/0 line just a couple weeks ago against SF…

That was on a season low 5 targets

I mean here is how WR’s have done against the SF defense. Count me out on that. 1 guy has had double digits in the last 6 weeks against them…that’s crazy. So as a Kirk owner he is sitting squarely on my bench this week.

I think you gotta just roll with the both of the ravens and hope that the game is an absolute shoot out with Watson keeping pace. Its Tyrell Williams against Cincy that makes me wanna not play both but i like the matchup so much of the ravens

I like the way your line up is set up just might want to moniter Howard since he still has not been cleared to practice. But if I was you I would be packaging Watson and Howard/Michel for an upgrade at QB since you do not need more than one QB

Now that Jordan Howard is out what would be the best option at rb? Move Michel into the rb2 or drop someone and pick up Mostert or Mckissic?

Thanks everyone for your input! I’m liking the two Ravens although it’ll be a little bit nerve wrecking