How would you set my roster?

How would you set my roster. Half point ppr.

QB: Lamar, RB’s: Zeek and Michel ( I know, but KC is absolutely terrible vs the run, I convinced a guy earlier this year to play Derrick Henry against them and that paid off big time). WR’s: OBJ and Pascal (love Pascal this week, Mack probably returning and no Hilton again, he’s gonna get targets and probably a deep shot or two). TE: Andrew’s, FLEX: Golden Tate ( you are in a half-point ppr so I think Tate has the higher ceiling and safer floor, also Breida will most likely be back so Mostert may fall back into his 3rd string role, risky to trust him). DEF: try to stream someone else, Packers? Cowboys? Steelers? Any of those available? Fitzpatrick has actually looked pretty good and Davante Parker is on absolute fire, and the Jets are in danger of not having Jamal Adam’s, without Jamal Adam’s I think Miami can put up 25+ points against them. And your kicker is solid enough, Gay should get shots because Tampa can definitely move the ball against Indy…

You don’t like Snell as a flex since Conner is out over Tate? I was looking at defenses and there are some good ones available, Cowboys, Vikings, Packers, and Titans. How would you tank those defenses?

No I don’t like Snell because Jaylen Samuel’s is gonna be playing also. Snell is the runner and Samuel’s is the pass back. Arizona could put up points and if Pittsburgh is playing from behind it’s gonna be Samuel’s on the field and Snell on the sidelines so he could be game scripted out. Eli is playing for the Giants this weekend and he really likes to utilize Barkley which is gonna get the play-action passes going for them. Sterling is the WR2 and Tate is gonna definitely get looks once the defense has to crowd the box to stop Barkley. And here’s the scenario, Snell gets 13 touches for 66 yards, that’s decent but its 6.6 points, if tate gets 5 catches for 66 yards, its 9.6 points for your team. The .5 ppr can add up. And Philly is in a must win situation so they are gonna play hard for the win which will force NY to throw the ball and be competitive. And lastly, unlike Daniel Jones, Eli doesn’t have any connection with Darius Slayton, so odds are the balls are going to Tate and Sheppard. Sorry this was so long, trying to give you as much as I can lol

Oh and the defenses I would go Packers vs terrible Devlin Hodges, Cowboys vs Trubisky (aka the Turn-Over King), Titans vs Detroit, and Vikings vs Raiders ( don’t let last week fool you, The Raiders have a pretty damn solid offense and both of these teams need the win, so I think it’s gonna be a hard fought game and it could get high in scoring, Minnesota got crushed on the ground last week vs Seattle and they are 30th against the pass)