How would you value RB/WR in this unique keeper league?

12 teams … PPR … $250 salary cap (includes auction and all in-season additions) … players get three-year contracts and can be extended, cut, etc…

START: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX (RB-WR-TE), 1 DEF, 1 K

My initial thought is that having 2 WR at Flex is the way to go. There are more WR available than RB and it’s a PPR…that seems obvious.

• Am I missing something beyond the obvious? Or am I wrong?
• To what extent are receiver values inflated in this format? I love the format of this league, but I’m not sure HOW much to value to WR…


Top WRs will be in the 60-70 range. Wr15-20 will be $35-$45ish. Very flat around WR20-35 - $20-$40

Budget about $100 of your funds to acquire 7-8 WRs.

with the potential to start 5 WR every single week, WRs are very valuable. some quick math, if every single team does this week in and week out, that means 60 WRs are starting every single week. 60! and the harsh reality is that you really cant get away from that either. after the top 15 RBs, the quality of a RB this year really just is not that good. and any TE you might think of plugging in, will just score less than even most of the low end RBs (for the most part, obviously there are some exceptions) so, considering that half your line up could be WR week in and week out, i would value WR a little more that the 100 that michael did. 125 sounds about right for 7-8. granted he is a professional and i am just a humble IT tech. but i still feel like my eval is pretty spot on.

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This might be obvious, but a guy like Riddick should be a target for you as a flex/rb2 in this format

Thanks for the info, guys.

We did a start-up draft a few weeks ago - one round of rookies and three rounds of vets were nominated (48 players). We’ll draft the other 192 players off in Sept, at our main auction.

I have:
L.Fournette $26
J.Mixon $23
D.Foreman $8 (high for 2017, but I love him for the future)
M.Thomas $34
A.Jeffery $27
C.Davis $18 (probably a bit high now, but should be a good value in future years)

Top 3 RBs were $60-65; Numbers 4-10 were $30-45…top four rookie RBs were $20-24
Top 4 WRs were $55-70; Numbers 5-12 were $40-50 … I was patient and got Thomas right after the spending frenzy and guys were feeling a bit tapped out…

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with those RBs long term, you did ok. $136 spent. Based on the fact that the $250 has to cover your in-season waivers, I’d save about $50-60 for that. Assuming you use $200, you only have $64 to spend on 14 more players $4-5 each). As BustedD pointed out, WRs should have dominated the draft, based on the total number of starters.