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Howard and A. Jones for Diggs


Am I giving up too much to acquire diggs? My receiving core would be AB, Hill, and diggs.
RBs would be yeldon, fournette, white, and R. Freeman. This is a 11 player fantasy team 7 start 4 on bench counting defense and kicker.


Post bump… I’m conflicted with my offer and would like to hear different opinions


PPR? Starters - 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, DEF, K?


I would probably do it personally. You wouldn’t really need any other RB besides who youd be left with ( except byes) and that would really secure your WR position. I would probably make that move personally.


Half point…
Kicker and defense


Even more so now knowing you only have to start 1 RB


I agree. The trade looked good on paper but depended on the league type and your situation. I would do it.


I appreciate the info guys! We’ll see what happens.