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Howard and Diggs on the bench on the same team


Reason for my loss. Tough one


Always start your studs. That is the lesson to be learned.


Sorry, but that’s just not sound advice. If ‘always start your studs’ worked, the phrase 'you don’t win your league at the draft wouldn’t be a thing. If your stud isn’t being used to the extent you expected, isn’t being productive when they are used, have a truly bad matchup, and/or are hurt, it may be advisable to bench them for a week. Obviously this assumes a reasonable bench replacement, but at this point, if you did a decent job at the draft and on the waiver wires, that shouldn’t be that hard.


I did the same exact thing my friend. I couldn’t trust Case Keenum and how could you start Howard against the Steelers after putting up .4 the week before.


Fantasy football is simply a game of luck and odds. I am starting my studs every week if they are on the field because I believe in them and it has got me this far. I would literally throw up if I benched Jordan Howard this week and played Buck Allen and lost my league game by 10 points. There is no reason to get cute with your lineup because it is going to cost you games plain and simple. That is the problem with all of the fantasy experts out there, they overthink things and that never works.


I certainly wouldn’t have started Buck Allen over him either, but I’d hope I had a better option than either. That kind of logic is what would have kept you starting Trent Richardson or Jeremy Hill for 8 weeks the year after their respective good seasons. It has to be a case by case basis.


Thats what Im saying man. Tough week.