Howard and James for obj and fournette

My team is stacked

I have Adam thielen, Devante adams, Quincy Enunwa, ty Hilton, Corey Davis and Tyler Boyd

I have Jordan Howard, Melvin Gordon, James white, Kareem Hunt, and Royce Freeman,

Do I do this trade and take a chance on fournette? Cause I’d love to flex obj weekly

Footclan I need to know lol helppp

I think that’s a nice deal for you. Already have 2 stud running backs and fournette could be that when he’s healthy. You would be absolutely loaded

Why are you making any moves…your stacked…like you said

Definitely do this, you get OBJ. Howard’s been alright and Conner could be out of a job in two weeks.

This is a real trade? Howard and James conner? Take that and run.

James white not James connor

Same answer. James White although slightly better than Conner cause you can probably flex him for ROS, is still well worth giving for a stud like OBJ.

Yeah that’s what I figured, I did the trade a couple hours ago lol before obj finished with 30 points lol

Yeah. It’s called buying low. One of the most obvious buy low candidates around. Good trade. Even if OBJ didn’t blow up this week, that’s still robbery.

Good trade win right there congrats. I bet it was to a rb needy team. The new strategy might be draft 3 wr and all rb dart throws, particularly satellite backs on good offenses, then sell high for buy low candidates. Hmmm, that just doesn’t have the same ring as “zero rb bro”

Yeah his Two starting RBs were Peyton barber and CMC since Fournette hasn’t been playing lol