Howard and Lindsay for Cook

Was offered Dalvin Cook for Jordan Howard and Philip Lindsay, my other RBs are kerryon, James Conor, Aaron Jones, lesean McCoy, and Jalen Richard.

What should I do? Money league with four years remaining in the dynasty and the last year meaning most money wise.

Take it and run… Howard is losing his job to Cohen and Lindsay probably wont last long in the league because of his size.

Unless Howard gets a trade or buy out to a good fit this is just cook for lindsay. Cook has the injury history but I’d accept.

If you can get any value for Howard, you take it and run. I have cook as a top 6 RB for me this season with Murray gone and him fully healed at 100%.

As much as I love Lindsay, the talent gap between him and Cook is pretty huge.

I would accept the trade.

Agreeing with the consensus on this thread. Howard basically has no value at this point and Cook will be the featured back in Minnesota (and supposedly will be used more with their new OC, lol). Giving up Linsday kind of sucks, but I would take Cook here.

Giving up Lindsay isn’t ideal, but you have to take this deal. Howard is bench fodder at best