Howard for Adams?

Currently roster:

TY Hilton
Manny sanders
Doug Baldwin

Dion Lewis
James White
Corey Davis

I’m being offered Howard and sanders for lynch & either diggs or Adams. Should I take this trade and wait for Baldwin to get back to healthy to flip him? Or should I keep this roster pretty balanced and keep who I have. I feel as I’m getting the better WR in the end trade and Lynch has been a solid RB2

I’d personally Stick. No need to rock a balanced team. If they are desperate to make a deal they will lower their demands. If not then you ride with your solid team

So you would take the trade then? The team he has is 0-3 so I think he’s desperate (drafted bell)

I would rather keep Howard and sanders

hmmm okay, still looking for more insight

I wouldn’t do it either.

Now, if he threw in Bell I would reconsider.

Howard is a low end rb1 with a guarentee of workload and no real competition. Lynch is rb2 with a team who seem set on giving Martin some work that doesn’t help extend drives and only hinders lynch.

Adams and diggs are good but carry risk. Diggs has injury risk and aaron rodgers knee scares me that he wont extend plays like he normally does which means less insane dostance throws and less tds. although would be an improvement on sanders i dont think the jump from wr1/2 to wr1 (low end) is worth trading down teir s with howard.

Bumping up the post!

In a vacuum, I want Adams over Howard all day. But given your roster, you don’t need Adams but you definitely need howard.

Gurley/Howard as a 1-2 punch is pretty great floor/ceiling. Best of howard has yet to come. He saw 56%+ stacked boxes last year. This year, that number is <18%.

Just need Trubisky and that offense to click a bit more. And he’s the goal line back with one of the best defenses in the league.

Stick with what you got. Only way I’d consider trading away howard would be like Howard + Baldwin for like Adams + another RB back in your favor. Someone like a Michel/Kerryon/Jones level.

I’m currently 3-0 and I do like my team as is, but do you think if I take this trade, I would be able to trade away one of Baldwin or TY on a up week? I know this would put my depth at RB a bit low, however would it be an okay idea to play Marshawn as a rental until I could trade one of the WR’s?

I wouldn’t personally. James white is going to have great games given Burkhead is out so he’s really your main depth piece.

The other thing is you’re giving up sanders in the trade. And honestly, the delta between Adams and Sanders isn’t big enough to make up for the delta between Howard and Lynch ROS.

It’s a very lateral move that doesn’t accomplish anything and depth at RB is more important.

Sanders is going to be a high WR2 / low WR1 this season.

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Perfect, thank you for the help!