Howard for Ajayi

Im wanting to trade for Ajayi… should I offer Howard and M.Jones for Ajayi and D.Parker? Thoughts on these guys ros

I just got Devante Parker and Doug Martin for Jordan Howard and it felt wonderful. Needed a receiver bad, lost all faith in Howard after Zach Miller went down. Ajayi and Parker sounds like a nice combo. I drafted Marvin Jones knowing he was boom bust, he was literally the #1 receiver in fantasy from the week I dropped him until last week. Trading him now has value, could very well be worth it.

Parker would be a top 15-20 WR if healthy all year, Ajayi is not quite a known commodity in Philly yet but the playoff schedule is very nice for a RB. As aforementioned I lost faith in Howard, zero touchdowns since Trubisky took over. Not Trubisky’s fault necessarily, but Howard just isnt scoring, and needs 25+ carries to get big games.

Good luck.

Yeah ajayi is a risky play imo… Howard i know i got 25 touches but lookimg ahead i dont see any big 30 point games… i mean his real upside is what? 15-20 max? Thats why im willing to take a shot on ajayi… jones is just kind of to mask my desire for ajayi

Im thinking the same, I would offer that deal. Hope it works out.