Howard for Burkhead and Breida?

I’m in a full pt ppr league. I got offered jordan Howard for matt breida and rex burkhead. Should I do it, or is Burkhead a more valuable asset in ppr?

G, how is your RB depth if you trade both of them? if you have depth I would def do it. I think Howard should be a workhorse, especially now with the upgrade on their Defense, if you arent giving away your entire bench I would be ok with making this trade.

I would do this trade, immediately. PPR matters for players that are closer together. Howard and Burkhead, are not even remotely close in value.

Edit: Doesn’t matter if you depth or not. Do the trade.

depth is fine. I have johnson, mccaffery, cohen, penny and thompson. I’m going to do the trade. Thanks guys. I also have morris

Id def do the trade after seeing that! Good Job!