Howard for Cook

Would you trade Jordan Howard for Dalvin Cook, 10 Team PPR?

My RBs: Gordon, Howard, Ekeler, Michel, Thompson, Hyde

Actively looking to move Hyde and Howard this week, but don’t really want to move RBs for WRs unless I’m getting a real good WR but I know that I wouldn’t get that for Howard or Hyde right now

any thoughts?

I probably would. Howard isn’t really starting for you right now anyways with Gordon and Michel there and given the struggles in the current offense, doesn’t look like it’s a temporary problem. Also, Cooks has more upside so you can afford to stash him and wait for when he is fully healthy.

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I personally like Dalvin, but both should have value as the weather gets colder and teams rely more on the run. Interested to see his usage once he returns. Howard is a bit of question mark right now…

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