Howard for Davante?

So I currently have
K. Allen
T. Boyd
C. Davis
A. Cooper
Q. Enunwa

I was thinking of packaging Howard and Cooper for Davante and Carson. Do you think this can get it done and do you think it makes me team better?

It’s tough to answer if this would get it done, as the views on Howard are all over the map, and some people are totally out on him. Overall, I would say with Howard coming off a bad week, and Adams having a huge week it might be a tough sell. But I would do this trade if you can.

See if you can trade Michel or Kerryon first. I’ve been a huge Howard defender on the forum, I totally feel like he will come through this season, we’ve all seen his upside. You could easily get a nice WR for Michel after that nice game. I think Howard will have a better season than both, and they have more trade value than Howard as of right now too, just a thought.

Good luck.

This is an easy trade for me. Even before the season when I was super high on Howard, I’d take Adams over him all day. You also have excelling depth at RB but pretty bad depth at WR. Adams immediately becomes your WR1 and you can easily fill howard with Michel/Kerryon.

And Michel > Howard ROS by quite a bit btw so you won’t even really be missing him much. And Kerryon continues to be incredibly efficient off minimum touches. I’m waiting for the day he gets 20 touches and breaks the league.

Do not do this. Michel and Kerryon are the better owns for rest of season. Especially Michel, don’t even think it’s close. He has the same TD upside that Howard has shown in years past except he’s on a better offense and getting 18-20 touches a game. Michel is a high RB2 / low RB1 ROS.

Dude, you need to chill. This is a fantasy football forum where people discuss ideas. I’ve seen you called out several times on this site, you say it’s “just the way you talk” or whatever, but you don’t get the message.

People come here to relax, and try to help each other. If you have a different opinion thats fine. I have plenty of opinions that are different from people, but I don’t try to go out of my way to belittle them, which I have seen you do several times and would assume has happened much more. I respect their opinion, and just put in my 2 cents as well. It’s not hard.

The person who made this post can do whatever he wants, I just made an opinion. Please relax.

Huh? I’m genuinely confused. Which part of what I said was aggressive again? All I said was Michel was a better own for ROS. You made an opinion, and then i Just shared why I would recommend against it. Not sure which part of that shows I’m not chilled or relaxed. All I did was share my opinion on the players lol. So it’s okay for you to share yours but when I share one that doesn’t agree with you, I need to “chill” and “relax”? I’m actually just confused at what you’re crying about.

I’ve seen one other person say what I’m gonna tell you. You don’t understand you come off as very rude alot of the time. I never said anything because you never called me out like that. But honestly sometimes just seeing you respond to people makes want to defend them. You really do get rude sometimes, whether you realize it or not.

People come here to relax, you come off really amped up but not in a good way. If you’re confused I understand, you just might not see what other people are seeing.

Again, can you point me to in this instance, where I was rude in anything I said that warranted your reaction there? Sounds like some pent up anger from other posts or something. If that’s the case, cool story. I’m not your therapist or your friend. It’s a fantasy football forum where I can honestly say what I want, as long as it’s not some racist shit or super personal attacks which I haven’t done in any instance. Everything I’ve said is football related. What I type is my actual reaction to something I see real time. If I see something shocking or idiotic, I’ll just come out and say it, not going to beat around the bush cause people like you are sensitive and get offended easily.

You are under no obligation to read or pay attention to anything I say or post. If it’s too rude for you, simply ignore it going forward. Really doesn’t matter to me at all. But in this instance, sounds to me like you’re crying over some spilled milk about some shit from other posts. Which is pretty laughable.

No need to come out here with your parent speech trying to censor me like we’re in day care. You come on here to relax. I’m on here to talk and debate fantasy. Whether its heated or not. You’re right that I’m amped and passionate about fantasy and football. You say it’s not in a good way, and you’re entitled to your opinion. I am also entitled to enjoy the heated discussions on here however I choose. Have gotten into it with a couple people, and most cases, we work out our differences and just move on to the next discussion cause end of the day, it’s just football. Sometimes we haven’t and that’s okay to. Either way, I don’t come back here and cry about it.

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You need to calm down, chief. The guy gives valid opinions on numerous posts that I’ve agreed with. You need to thicken that skin if him disagreeing with your opinion made you this mad. Holy…

I’d you can make this trade happen do it 10 out of 10 times. I am always down on Howard and he always proves why. Him and Amari Cooper are 2 people I cross off my draft sheet to not make a mistake and draft them. Michel has a better floor and ceiling than him I believe. Don’t ship Sony off.

You said “this is quite a bit wrong” and then highlighted my username. How do you not understand how that can be viewed as rude by someone? I’ve seen other people call you out before. If you enjoy arguing that much just go on facebook.

And its not just this post as I said. You go all over the place and just make rude comments.

KwagentfromCT: I’m sorry this had to happen on your post.

My man, every year I tell myself, THIS IS THE YEAR I CROSS OFF COOPER. But every year, the value is too good for me to pass up cause I get him in like 4th and 5th as my 3rd WR. And when I watch his tape, i fall in love with him all over again. He is just such an explosive athlete and such a great route runner. But I may need to just face the facts:

He will forever be limited by Derek Carr. Wish they would trade him man. #FreeAmari

In no world should your most talented WR get 1 target in a game. Makes no sense. Especially when I watch the film and Cooper is consistently beating the god damn breaks off of cornerbacks.

I highlighted your quote and said don’t do this. As in I felt like you were giving the OP bad advice. Which part of that is a personal attack on you? People have quoted me and disagreed with my takes frequently. I’m not on here crying about it like a preschooler. I either go and defend my take, or admit I am wrong, or just move on. All of those options exist to you as well. If you can’t take people disagreeing with you, maybe you should head on to facebook and find solace talking to your friends or people who put on a fake smile for you. When you come on these forums with a bad take, you’ll get called out on it. Get some skin man.

Like I said, feel free to totally ignore anything and everything I say. I really couldn’t care less. Don’t come here whining though. No one gives a shit. You and all those “other people” can all feel free to ignore everything I say going forward. We’re not in a therapy session to talk about your feelings. Just move on.

Anyways- back to fantasy football, Davante owner didn’t accept…but the Michael Thomas owner accepted a trade for Howard and Amari Cooper! What do you guys think?

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Wow… That’s a hell of a trade. Props to you on doing that trade off 2 bad games from Thomas lol.

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He had Saquon, McCoy and Royce as RBs, his hands were slightly tied, but I am still proud of my robbery lol.

Absolute robbery. Almost as bad as a trade I saw go through in my dynasty yesterday.

holy crap, you owned that dude