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Howard for DeVante Parker


I would be giving up howard for Parker what do you guys think?

My team:
QB: Mariota
RB: Hunt
RB: Fournette
WR: M. Thomas
WR: D. Baldwin
WR: G. Tate
TE: Reed
D: Broncos

BE: David Johnson ):
BR: Howard
BE: Pryor
BE: McCaffrey
BE: Thielen
BE: Martin
BE: Hogan


With only one week of evidence out of Parker and your limited RB depth already, I’d be pretty hesitant about this. You basically already have a “Parker-equivalent” in Baldwin and Hogan, I’d say… more of the “boom/bust” big-play, TD-dependent sort of guy.

Howard isn’t exactly inspiring right now (I know… I have him too). But RBs are a fairly precious commodity. And even on a bad Bears team last year, Howard was solid.


I agree but my team is a WR away from being dominant. Also, Cohen was not in the picture last year, i dont know if howard will do well sharing a backfield with such a talented back, cohen passes the eye test for me with flying colors.


I guess you do have the Muscle Hamster coming back soon… he should be solid. And McCaffery has a pretty safe floor as well (though limited upside with JStew vulturing goal-line touches).

I have both Parker and Howard on my squad and I guess I’m just not 100% sold on Parker yet. I like what I’ve seen from him and Cutler, but Parker has flashed before, hence the hesitation. If you believe in Parker enough to roll him as your WR3 every week, then I guess you should go for it.


I countered with Howard, Baldwin, and Theilen for Parker and Demaryius Thomas? thoughts? i would pick up henry or Mixon with that available spot on my bench.


shit now I’m scared that Baldwin and Thielen will turn into beasts later in the season once Bradford and Wilson pull there shit together.


Oh mannnn, that’s tough! Parker should be an upgrade over Thielen (especially if Sammy Biscuits misses more time) and I think they’re about even assuming Bradford and Cutler are both healthy. And DT is absolutely a safer weekly start than Baldwin and should be guaranteed at least 10 points week-in and week-out (until Baldwin inevitably has his 2nd-half-of-the-season surge for 10 TDs lol).

As far as parting with Howard and filling that last bench spot with Henry or Mixon. I’m totally cool with that and would be happy (at this point) to divest myself from the Bears backfield lol. Even if Murray comes back to 100% health, Henry still gets touches. And Mixon - despite the absolute ineptitude of the Bungles offense - has still managed passable point totals through two weeks. Not like the 0.7 you got from Howard last week…


FUCKK now what you just said about baldwin’s second half season has me worried. Also would you feel better about the trade if i offered hogan instead of thielens…


Mannn idk about that either. The Pats WRs are dropping like flies. If Hogan can stay healthy, I think he’s going to get a significant portion of TB12’s targets. Who’s even left there to catch the ball? Cooks, Gronk (banged up), Hogan, and James White. The fallen: Mitchell, Amendola, Edelman, Dorsett, Burkhead…

I mean, Hogan is also a little banged up right now, so maybe unloading him wouldn’t be the worst thing…?

Don’t take the Baldwin thing too seriously lol. That’s near-impossible to predict happening again and with the way Seattle looks right now, I don’t see him winning you weeks anytime soon.


Im going to make an offer with hogan and one with thielen and let him decided lol. Let the football gods bless me. Thank you so much for your help!


May the odds be ever in your favor, my friend! Happy to help! And by “help,” I mean confuse the shit out of you haha