Howard for gronk

I was thinking of offering Howard and a WR for Gronk. Gronks a game changer and I feel as if my team really lacks the boom factor, just has a safe floor.

My lineup is
RBs-Elliot, Cook, Howard, R.Freeman, Michel, Penny and L.Murray for this week due to cook out
WRs- Landry, Cooks, Agholor, Cole, M.Williams, Moore,
TEs-ASJ and Olsen in the IR spot

Did you try a straight swap first? Can this guy give up Gronk? Will it improve his team? Does he need rbs? I am actively trying to get Gronk as well as I am tired of Njoku.

I agree you should just try Howard for Gronk straight up. I probably wouldn’t make the offer though because I think you can stream the position at TE and Howard is an elite talent at running back that will be good to have on your team.

It’s tough, Gronk is just such an advantage at TE. Where I had a good stable at RB wasn’t sure if it would be worth it or not