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Howard for Keenan Allen


It sounds crazy to me thinking back to the draft… but right now my WRs suck and Allen is looking really good… I don’t need Howard since I have Gordon, Ty Mont, and Hunt lol… even for depth I’ve been stashing Henry, Perine and Martin… I might be able to coerce the guy down to Martin but honestly I’m starting to worry about Howard in the long term and think Martin could potentially have better gamescripts… not to mention Howard is dinged up and who knows how long that will linger… any advice? Half PPR by the way… so Allen is averaging around 15 points rather that the 20 he’s getting in full PPR.


I would definitely do that trade considering the depth you have.


Do you think I should try to talk him into Martin or just bail on Howard while I still can lol


I wouldn’t press luck with that one. And as a positive Martin is still a mystery, so he could turn out to be another stud that you could use or trade away. We already know what Howard is at this point in time; he’s slightly hurt and his snaps are being placed elsewhere.