Howard for Kupp? PPR

Guy in my league just announced Kupp on the block for an rb1 - I’m not going to get crazy over making the trade for him but is giving up Howard for him too much?

My RBs: Melvin Gordon, Austin Ekeler, Sony Michel, Carlos Hyde, Chris Thompson, Jordan Howard

Was thinking of possibly offering this as well:
Thompson, Hyde for Kupp, Hines

how are your wr’s? i would probably do either one of them if you are hurting at WR based on how Kupp has performed in the first half. he just doesn’t quit.

My WRs: OBJ, JuJu, Sanders, Watkins

kupp is in concussion protocol last i saw

@GJN27 Kupp was pulled from the game before the 2nd half started with a concussion fyi

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I like the trade for you. You have plenty of depth and honestly, most of those other guys you listed I would be starting over Howard in most weeks as of right now anyway.

The one thing is whether or not your league views Howard as an “RB1”. He is probably more of an RB2 play now. Looks like Howard was another whiff of mine from the offseason. Been watching the tape and he just not really sure what’s wrong with him lately. But he’s just not clicking and it does have me worried.

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Same here, I have him and since he’s coming off the bye, I want to deal him off in a package of some sort but

  1. My RBs are bad until Bell comes back
  2. It feels like I would be selling him low at this point but can try and sell the last game as a game script thing.
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Would you rather move Howard for him straight up or would you rather trade Thompson and Hyde for kupp and Hines? And does the concussion for Kupp worry you at all?

That’s a tough call. Comes down to a question of how long of a leash Hyde gets. I believe Chubb is the more talented runner but I actually think Hyde has been running pretty well. Watching him yesterday, he was shedding tackles from the leagues best defense, looking like Marshawn Lynch. But you can’t ignore how explosive Chubb is. Has the skill set to take any carry to the house. He’s got the same measureables as Barkley. I still think Chubb would’ve been a day 1 draft pick if barkley wasn’t in the picture.

I think I’d probably rather just move Howard straight up in a full PPR cause I think Thompson is arguably the top receiving weapon on that offense. They literally don’t have any receivers outside of Reed. And imo, Hyde is at least running better than Howard as of this moment.

Slightly worried about it for upcoming week, not worried about it long term. He’s not in a situation like Goodwin where he’s racked up like 6 of them and is 1 away from retirement.

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Really appreciate the feedback, might try to get a 2-for-1 with Kupp and someone for Howard since he seems somewhat desperate for rb, and I need to drop Cincy D. Made me much more willing to move Howard who I didn’t want to move at all before reading you feedback.

Yeah doesn’t hurt to charge the maximum for someone who is hurting. If he has any of those fringe high upside WRs (Callaway is my personal favorite, Higgins is another, I think Baker can actually support multiple WR2-3s so finding the second guy opposite landry is valuable), I’d try and target one of them.

But if he says no, the Kupp for Howard straight up deal is a good one as is. Especially in full ppr. I don’t see Kupp busting at all this season. I think his floor is like 4-5 catches for 50-60 yards.

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