Howard for McCaffery?

Thinking about trying to trade for McCaffery. CMC owner is 0-3 & CMC is on bye.

Do you think that’d be giving up too much for McCaffery? Or do you see it as an upgrade?

I considered giving up a Breida & a WR piece? (but I don’t see him taking it)

Lol. That is a joke. Why would he give up CMC for Jordan Howard. When you target losing teams, you have to offer them something that helps them. How does offering a worse RB for a better RB help them?

CMC > Howard by a mile. Even in standard scoring format. In any ppr formats, it’s not even remotely close.

Breida + WR piece is also a joke.


Jeez… dude, HE IS 0-3. What I’m saying is Howard + another solid piece for McCaffery so he can bypass his bye week.

He also has Dalvin (also rostering 3 QBs LOL) so he may be a littleee desperate.

Your title says Howard for McCaffrey. And you didn’t make any mention of adding another piece and then you asked if that would be giving up too much lol. Then you suggested Breida and a WR. Both trade proposals are atrocious and sure maybe helps him this week but loses him rest of the season. Not sure how I was supposed to decipher from that you were thinking of Howard + another piece for CMC.

Rostering 3 QBs is stupid obviously. But not sure how taking a lopsided trade makes it any better for him.

I forgot to clarify, my fault. I wouldn’t expect him to take it straight up

But without knowing the WR I’m referring to, I don’t know how we can call it atrocious. I considered Josh Gordon… but I don’t know how desperate he is really feeling. I never intend to trade screw anyone, but since his RB situation is very shaky this week I can see him getting a little gutsy to avoid 0-4

Yes, but CMC is a STUD this season. if its his only good player he’ll never accept to trade him for a player or two or three. You have to make a solid offer.

Because unless you were offering a top 10 WR which based on your Howard offer seemed unlikely, its a pretty awful offer. Josh Gordon + Breida for CMC is a joke. That trade does not help him at all season long.

0-4 is better than 1-11 which is probably where he would end up if he gave CMC for Breida + Gordon.

That’s the thing, he has Mahomes, Hill, Juju, Dalvin, CMC, TY… I just have a feeling he may be reeling a bit

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If you can get CMC for Howard, that is 100% an upgrade for you. Especially if this is PPR.