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Howard for mixon and ertz?


Jordan Howard looks like he will for sure be in a pretty even time share this year with cohen. Mixon under performed this week. I need a TE as I’m only streaming the position.

Should I try to trade Howard for Mixin and Ertz?


Absolutely not. That would be a MASSIVE and costly overreaction. Streaming TEs is fine. Trading away talented, highly drafted RBs for a player at a non-scarce position, after one bad game is not.


I would not do this. Trading youir #2 pick who had a decent week despite some touches being taken away isn’t a season positive move.


I want to move Howard myself but youre not getting anything CLOSE to him back.


Agree with the responders, you’re selling Howard way short.


Yeah I think you guys are right. Thanks


I would not endorse this.


If Mixon were given the keys by week 4ish, this would be a good trade, but I don’t think there’s any way we can expect/predict that.