Howard for Sanders?

Got offer a trade,
Jordan howard for Sanders wr straight across.
I had Baldwin go out and I have keenan allan and cole as my only other wr.
Still have Gordon, r. Freeman, penny and Collins as rb opinions? Should I ask for Thomas instead since he has both thoughs

Do not trade Howard for Sanders. Howard was super involved in the pass game and went 5/5. That is pretty huge. Howard is worth way more than sanders.

You also won’t get MT though. MT is worth much more than Howard.

You should be able to get more than just sanders for Howard.

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What about Sanders and Ingram? It’s a standard league too

Oh it’s a standard league? Yeah would need more than Sanders and Ingram.

So you think howard is worth more then both still in standard?

I’m pretty low on Ingram. 4 game suspension, come back for 1 game to get acclimated, then a bye week, then like 3 straight weeks of horrible match-ups. Realistically speaking, it could be like week 8-9 before you see any production from Ingram.

Also with Kamara being the stud that he was yesterday, its no guarantee that Ingram gets relegated to like a 30-40% split in this offense.

Howard is an every week starter as far as I’m concerned. He was in >70% of snaps. Didn’t look as good yesterday cause he didn’t score TD but he’s normally a beast on the goal line.