Howard for the 1.04 (Guice is who I would pick)

Should I do it?? I realllllly like Guice

Unless the owners picking at 2 and 3 are stacked at RB, with youth on their side too (assuming Barkley goes at 1) you will be extremely unlikely to get Guice. He’s the clear 2. You will most likely be looking at Michel, Freeman, Johnson or Jones as your choices depending on who number 3 drafts.

I wouldn’t want any of them over Howard, I think he’s much better this year and more consistent primarily which will help.

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Don’t even think I’d trade Howard for Guice lol. Everyone seems to forget this is one of the first bears ever to rush for back to back 1k yard seasons. He does nothing but produce. And with new offensive coordinator, hopefully he gets more chances to score TDs.


Guice is available right now at 4

i wouldnt do it but its your call. if guice isnt there take rashaad penny

Wow that is surprising, who went 2,3 behind Barkley out of interest?

I agree with @MikeMeUpp though I’d stick to Howard here, he produces and the Bears offense will be better this year and continue to develop I believe - which will aid his week to week consistency issues from last year.

My guess would be penny and Michel

1.01 Barkley
1.02 Michel (I know)
1.03 Freeman
1.04 Guice (I didn’t make the trade)

wow surprised to see Penny fall out of that, Michel and Freeman are either very bold or very reckless picks, time will tell! I think you did the right thing holding Howard here.

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Too late now but I would have gone Howard. I like the known over the unknown, and Howard looks like he is set to at least do what he did before. I do not think Guice will be bad, but I feel like we know what Howard should be.

Being that I also have #4 in my rookie draft (Monday), I am curious who will be there. I personally will not be taking Penny, but I am interested in Freeman. However, I am surprised he went at 1.03. He might in mine (as that guy is a Denver homer), but otherwise that is surprising to me. So I know, are you in PPR?

Good luck with the rest of your draft!