Howard from Shotgun? Temperature?

Is it just me, or is Jordan Howard looking less effective this year play by play? It appears he is running from shotgun a lot, and I just don’t really think that suits him well.

Is this the competition he is facing? What is everyones temperature on J Howard???

I have him on my team, as my RB2 behind Gurley. Of course, I watch all his games.

First off, I still like the guy because of his durability first. He’s a thick built guy, and can handle the punishment.

However, he is doing a lot of runs up the middle for 3-4 yards. Efficient for his team, not that great for us. But overall, I think you have to accept that the Bears really want Trubisky to be THE man, and they are out on a mission right now to prove that to the rest of the NFL. They are running a Chiefs style offense to make things easier for him.

Because of that, Howard is going to suffer. I think he’s a solid RB2 and I won’t get rid of him by any means, but big numbers won’t happen as often.

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I agree. I have been watching the games as well. It is odd. We all thought that he would be better in this offense, but it almost seems to be the opposite? Am i crazy? lol. It does seem like they want Tru to be the man for sure.

I am really nervous though. He is my RB1 bc of Bell’s absence ugh

Yet they were on the goal line a couple times last night and scored on 2 pass plays. If he scores at least one of them, this probably isn’t even a discussion right now.

I think i would still be having the discussion. He is not looking effective to me. I am not seeing what I have seen the last 2 years. I know the competition has been still, but the offense doesn’t seem to compliment his skills as well.

I am just concerned bc he is my RB1 (Thanks Bell) and it seems like his upside is limited.

Not too worried about him personally. They’re 2 games in to a new system. The pass catching also looks encouraging to me

Traditionally before this year Howard has been a better runner out of shotgun so the fact that Nagy runs more shotgun sets should actually help him.

ARe you sure? WHen I have watched him the last’s these 2 years he seems to have been running downhill alottttttt more

He may have been running down hill more but his per carry average was better out of the shotgun.

Jordan Howard has rushed out of the shotgun 128 times during his first two seasons and has gained 831 yards. And while that comes out to an average of 6.5 yards per attempt, just 34 of Howard’s 276 carries in 2017 came out of the shotgun.

So even though he has been successful doing it they went away from it.

That sounds about like the old coaching regime.

Give it time.

Not worried about Howard. Mainly because he is super involved in pass game and actually looks pretty good doing it. Made a nice catch on Monday.

Also, believe it or not, Howard is actually more effective running out of shot gun than I formation. He just hasn’t broken off any of his huge runs yet and hasn’t gotten the multi TD games he typically gets. Game 1 was against a pretty tough run D in packers and for some reason, game yesterday they kept wanting to pass the ball even with the lead. Probably because Nagy regrets not being aggressive to seal the win in GB.

I think in the long run, Howard will still be a fine play. Cohen just isn’t a factor and against bad teams, they are going to stomp them.