Howard, Hunt, Green, Woods Keeper Question

League scoring is 0.1 PPR, and 1pt per 10 yards of rushing or receiving.

My options are the following:
Jordan Howard
Kareem Hunt
AJ Green
Robert Woods

I am leaning towards Howard and Hunt to secure some top tier RB’s and then picking up WR’s through the draft.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

My thoughts exactly, i’d lock up Howard and Hunt that’s a pretty hand one-two punch at RB. I’d be tempted with Green for either really but i think you can get better value at WR later in the draft. The drop off at RB is so severe if you can lock up two RB1s unless the WR option here was AB, OBJ or HOP you have to take the RBs.


I agree. Especially if other people are keeping. You want to lock up your RBs. Hunt and Howard for me.

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Are there any differences in keeper cost? If not, then its Hunt + AJ green for me and it’s not really that close.

As nice as it is having 2 RBs, Green is easily a top 8 receiver. People forget in 2016, he probably would’ve been the WR1 if he didn’t get injured. He’s an absolute stud and has zero competition for targets. He is tiers above Howard for me.