Howard & Ingram for James White?

Would be getting James White for Jordan Howard and Mark Ingram…
League is .5 PPR

My other RBs: Barkley, Kamara, Cook & McCoy
My WRs: Green, Hopkins, Diggs, MVS, Funchess & Keenan

Leaning toward taking it but what do you guys think?

Anyone? :grimacing:

I have White and Howard but not whether to start either over Mack n Fournette.

I think it’s a pretty close call. I’m not sure White is a long term bet with Sony coming back and Rex back in 13. Although he’s an every week decent base which Howard hasn’t been and probably has a higher ceiling. I think you could get more but at least this gives you a reason to get Ingram off you’re bench and free up a spot.

Bill B. loves James White and he will continue to produce whether Sony is there or not. He is basically another WR and seemingly Bradys favorite target. I don’t like Ingram at all. Howard has been doing well but he really isn’t that great. GO JAMES WHITE!

How do you feel about Rex coming back? Think he’ll affect White greatly?

Nah. White is still the main catch back. Its him and michel.