Howard+Marshall for Diggs+Anderson

Is this overpay? I’m currently set at RB with Gordon, Howard, Hunt, Ty Mont, Martin, and D.Henry… but as the guy who owned Snead, ARob, Cam Meredith and Kevin White I’m pretty much gutted at WR… and as last pick on waivers I didn’t get any of the hot waiver pick ups… I like Diggs and the Vikings in general right now and I’ve been trying to pry Diggs away from his owner up until now anyway… but if they produce against the Steelers the asking price for Diggs is going to get absurd. Any opinions?

Yeah I think you’re overpaying. Why are you targeting a RB in return? You’re solid at RBs so I would look to straight up send out Howard or Hunt for an excellent WR1.

I prefer Hunt over Howard season-long but still this Hunt is a bit overvalued right now.

Well it’s more of just a security thing… like if Ty Mont and Gordon were to both go down… but yeah you have a point… I think it’s just because so far all my efforts to secure a stud WR with just Gordon or Howard have failed so now I’m trying to get creative lol… I was close to the turn around in our draft and expected the guy behind me to go RB RB bc he’s a huge RB enthusiast so I took Gordon expecting AJ to still be there… well he went AJ Jordy so that put me in a pickle… but yeah he’s hurting at RB so its only a matter of time… I just gotta be patient with these guys I guess.

You can afford to not get an rb in return find a guy who is weak at rb and see what you can swing from him for wr. Even ask what he wants then make an offer