Howard or Funchess

Flex standard. I’m afraid lions will get ahead early. On the other side of Rogers does good and has to pass to keep up Funchess might be the guy. I’m afraid to make the wrong pick, but I’m leaning Funchess. Please help.

Agree with Fun. Like the fact that Cam will have to throw some if AR and the Packers return to their normal selves. Both teams need to win, so I can see this being a shootout. In addition, while Howard smoked the Lions last time at home, I have a feeling they will be playing from behind and that may limit Howard’s overall involvement (doesn’t catch sh*t).

Not to mention, even if the Packers aren’t back to their normal selves, the Panthers still run a pretty balanced offense even when ahead. At this point, Funchess is THE guy to throw to.

Thank you!