Howard or Guice

In a 4 keeper league, who would you rather draft this year?

Howard has proved it but Guice is incredibly talented

Depends on the round you’re expecting to get them in and what your keeper penalties are.

I’d rather have Guice if all things are equal - but Howard is certainly a less risky pick, just devoid of the 3 down ceiling Guice possesses.

Howard all the way. With new offense being installed and howard working like crazy to improve his pass catching ability it’s a no brainer honestly. Keep in mind this is a andy Reid type offense that starts and ends with a great rb and chicago has a very solid o line.

Yeah it would be about the same round and have same keeper penalties for both of them.

I’m not entirely sure it’s a no brainer, but I do think he’s the safer pick as his floor is basically 250-270 carries.

Also, I’d caution you to look deeper into how Andy Reid deploys his backfield. From 2007 to 2017, Reid only had 2 backs with more than 260 rushing attempts (one time for LeSean McCoy, and once for Brian Westbrook).

Jamaal Charles had ONE SEASON with more than 210 rushing attempts, McCoy had seasons of 155 and 207 under Reid… There’s not this smoking gun that folks seem to have that support “Andy Reid loves him a three down back” narrative.

All three of Charles, McCoy, and Westbrook, were EXCELLENT in the passing game. Until I see Howard do it, he’s a 2 down back (and a very good one at that).

Matt Berry’s RIde or Die is Guice. We need to see a glimpse of him in pre season. If he looks okay, we going Derrius.