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Howard or Kamara


Would you trade Howard and Keenan Allen for Kamara and Thielen? Hal ppr.


Yes, yes I would.


I would as well

Kamara is lethal in any ppr format, plus has amazing schedule ahead of him.

Theilan is super underrated and gets the targets.


Man its just so hard for me to justify it lol… when i look at the stats and points its a no brainer… but i find it really hard to let go of volume… and Howards schedule isnt exactly filled with Cake walks but will definitely hand him some positive game scripts and the team has shown they arent afraid to give him 30+ carries to win a game. That compared to Kamaras 10-15 touches is whats really gutting me… thing with kamara is his explosiveness and big plays… generally not something i over value but when someone does it week in and week out i cant really hold it against him… plus i feel like they really seem to be shifting towards him being the lead dog…


Ingram fumbled…the ball will go more Chimera’s way. Plus Paytan just hates Markie Mark.

Howard is great, really don’t well this season. Though…Kamara has done better and Fielen is going to be a 1000+ yd receiver this season.


He countered with Kamara and Rishard Mathews for Howard Allen… i dont like that… Mathews has little to no value to me… i do like kamara but im not particularly loaded at WR… DT, Allen, M.Jones Jr, and streamers after that (playing Juju over Allen this week actually). Would it be wise to offer up DT with Howard for Thielen kamara? Or is that reaching too far


You may think about offering Jones and getting someone better than Thielen.