Howard or Lat Murray? Hear me out

So I got lucky and snagged a couple solid rb’s over the past few weeks. At this point (in my 10 team league), I’ve got Hunt, Howard, Perine, Lat Murray, and Mixon.

I’m starting 3 RBs this week (my wr’s are weak) and I’m definitely starting Hunt and Perine. For my last spot, I’m torn between Howard and Murray. Everyone on the planet has Howard ranked higher, but am I crazy in thinking that the eagles are going to stomp the bears and Howard will be game-scripted out? I know “volume is king,” but they’re not far apart when it comes to volume. And Murray is the goal-line back on a team that should score more than the bears.

Am I crazy? Someone please talk me back from the ledge if I’m bout to jump off. THANKS!

that’s tough. i sat Howard for Dark…and i would be comfortable doing the same for LatM. so i’d do it based on matchup.

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Alright so I’m not the only person Benching Howard this week haha. That’s inspiring mild confidence. Thanks!

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Benching Howard for perine. Sucks to make that decision but Howard’s matchup is a gamechanger