Howard or McCoy?

So I got David Johnson with my first round pick and have McCoy and Ingram. I’m in a full ppr redraft league. Am I crazy for wanting to trade McCoy off for Jordan Howard? The bills offense scares me and it’s looking like Howard will have a steadier workload that you can count on.

Is the McCoy legal stuff done? I’m debating ditching him before some mid season suspension comes along.
McCoy will be THE offense but it’s not going to be a good offense. The Bears are trending up and Howard could see even more red zone work this year, plus rumors are he’s worked a ton on his pass catching.

I don’t see anything wrong with that. Howard could very easily be top 10 while McCoy vanishes.

McCoy is still pretty good and probably has more value in a PPR league. I dont blame you for wanting Howard but you might be able to get Howard and some other small asset for McCoy. I might try that before you go for a 1 to 1 trade.

Personally I took Howard over McCoy in my draft. I like McCoy and yeah he’s definitely the focal point of that offense. But Jordan Howard has proved he can be a bruiser who can make big plays and stay somewhat consistent. Not saying shady can’t be consistent, but Howard seems like a safer bet for a big starting rb workload. Because of shadys legal issues and the fact that the bills will run him into the ground at a higher age for a rb (shady is 30) I have more skepticism that shady will get hurt or possibly suspended in this season.

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I’m very big on Howard. Mostly cause of the Oline and specifically, their newly acquired center James Daniels. I think Bears have sneakily acquired one of the better Olines in the league. And howard rushed for 1K yards and 9 TDs with literally one of the worst coaches to ever coach in the NFL. That offense was putrid. I view last year as his floor. I think realistically, Howard can go for 1200 yards on the ground and 10-12 TDs, maybe 25-30 catches for another 150-200 yards with potential to do even better than that.

McCoy is part of the worst offense in football with the worst QB situation, at age 30, having just paid someone to brutally beat his gf. Given Goodell’s history of doing whatever the hell he pleases, I’ll pass on that risk for what I view is a very safe high end RB2/low end RB1 with high end RB1 upside.

At this age it is hard to imagine McCoy doing better than last year. In the complete reverse of that Howard looks to have an uptick in production, in an offense that has more weapons. I would take the upside with Howard.

I’m about as low on Howard as anyone, but I’d take him over McCoy at this point.