How'd I do? 11th Pick - Full PPR - 2 RB/3WR No flex

12 team full ppr - pick 11 - 2 RB, 3 WR, no flex

QB - L. Jackson
RB - J. Jacobs, D. Montgomery, M. Sanders, D. Johnson, J. Jackson, K. Ballage, D Thompson
WR - J. Smith-Schuster, T. Hill, M. Jones, C. Samuel, G. Allison
TE - D. Waller

Looks strong. Even though I’m a Raider fan, I’m not sold on Waller yet. Love the J Jackson pick, I keep grabbing him late.

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Yes, I balked on TEs until the very end. May swap him for Jordan Reed who’s still available.

He is concussed again, isn’t he? After the top like, 8 TEs I think it’s all a crap shoot.

News is that he will be ready for week 1.

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