How'd I do? 14 team Full Point PPR draft

QB Derek Carr
RB Todd Gurley
RB Jerrick McKinnon
WR Allen Robinson
WR Corey Davis
TE Eric Ebron
FLEX Joe Mixon

BN Sammy Watkins
BN Isaiah Crowell
BN Kelvin Benjamin
BN Chris Thompson
BN Kenny Stills
BN Ty Montgomery

I went RB with picks 1, 28, and 29, and I punted on QB and TE until my last picks. Appreciate the feedback!

Solid team, especially for a 14 team league. You are weak at QB & TE but that’s to be expected when those are your last picks, and you’ll likely make up for it by being so solid at the more valuable positions. Also, QB & TE are the easiest positions to stream. So I wouldn’t sweat it, just keep your eyes open for better options on the waiver wire throughout the season

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Looks like a strong team.
Solid RBs and in my opinion, reliable WRs with some breakout potential.

Even though you punted at QB, Carr should have a much better season than last year.

Hmm no other TEs on waiver? Im down down on Ebron.

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Other TEs on the wire are Mike Gesicki, Luke Wilson, Tyler Higbee, and Jesse James. I’m not high on Ebron either but thought he was the best of those options

Ebron at least has potential in that offense as long as Luck is healthy lol. I’m certainly not high on him either but he’s the best option out of those IMO.

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Ya out of the guys you listed, I like Ebron. No OJ Howard, Charles Clay? Bummer…