How'd I Do After My Draft? Need Your Feedback!

8 Team Snake Draft (Yahoo), 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX, 1 D/ST, 1 K & 8 Bench Spots

0.5 PPR, All TD’s Worth +6 & Fumbles/Interceptions -4

Drafted 5th, Number Next To Name Is Overall Pick #.

    • QB 1 : Kirk Cousins (59)
    • QB 2 : Mitchell Trubisky (118)
    • RB 1 : Saquon Barkley (6)
    • RB 2 : Alvin Kamara (11)
    • WR 1 : AJ Green (27)
    • WR 2 : Mike Evans (38)
    • WR 3 : Stefon Diggs (43)
    • TE : Trey Burton (86)
    • FLEX : Jordan Howard (22)
    • FLEX : LeSean McCoy (70)
    • K : Will Lutz (155)
    • D/ST : Saints (150)
  • BENCH:
    • QB : Case Keenum (139)
    • RB : Mark Ingram (75)
    • RB : Kerryon Johnson (107)
    • RB : Ronald Jones II (91)
    • WR : Amari Cooper (54)
    • WR : Alshon Jeffrey (123)
    • WR : Robby Anderson (102)
    • TE : George Kittle (134)

This was the result of my league draft, let me know what you guys think regarding my team and where I was able to draft some of these guys! Thanks!

Think you did q fantastic job of grabbing good value.QBs look really nice. Your RBs are so damn strong. But I think you know where you lack. WRs. You’re starting 3 are nice. But after that, eh. Big part of that is I’m not a believer in cooper. Great value on Alshon though. And I do likeAnderson. I would just take some of that RB fire power and try to get an upgrade at WR you can flex or start on bye weeks. But honestly even if you dont, I like your starting crew. A lot. Bench is full of potential as well.

I appreciate the feedback my man, makes me feel good about my draft. Lot of guys passed up on Green and Evans so I just had to pull the trigger on them.
There’s a guy in my league who ran out of time and auto-picked Julio Jones. He’s trying to move him and is an Eagles fan so he’s interested in Alshon.
You think it’s worth trying to get him? If so who do you think I could package together to try an get him?

If he wants Alshon and is an eagles fan, you might be able to swing him and McCoy. That’s a stretch cause it’s a lot or risk to take on but if you spin a pretty enough tail you might pull it off. If not, I’m willing to bump my offer up to Howard and Jeffery, I just dont feel good about it. But it will help you the first 6 weeks at WR, and it’s not like you are hurting at RB right now. Plus it’s not like you are losing a starting spot, would just put Julio in the flex. If you can I would also try too get someone with Julio for the howard and Alshon trade. Just a nice potential piece. Something cheap with a high ceiling.

Looks great. RBs are incredibly strong. No glaring holes. I like your value at WR. 8-team leagues should have great wire claims for emerging targets during the season.

That sounds like a good offer, I’ll try to definitely work on the guy with Julio and see if I can get him to pull the trigger on it. I appreciate the feedback!

Sounds good, thanks for the reassuring words! :grin: