How'd I do? Trade


I’m in an auction keeper league, you can keep 2 DRAFTED players each year for 25% more than they were drafted the previous year.

I traded Michael Crabtree and Allen Robinson (before week 1) for Andrew Luck ($12 draft) and Alvin Kamara

Good call?
Receivers I still have
AJ Green
Alson Jeffery

Starting QB as of now is C. Wentz

Sounds like a good call given the A-Rob injury that we now know about. But it may still be too early to tell. Crabs is a solid WR2 and it looks like Luck will be out at least a few more weeks and may not be able to stay healthy upon his return. Kamara might be the future of the Saints backfield, but the week 1 game script was tailor-made to his talents. I don’t expect the Saints to be trailing by so much and for so long during most weeks.

That being said… you’ve got plenty of talented WRs still and Luck could be a massive upgrade over Wentz so… I’d say it was worth it.