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How'd I do?


12 team, Non-PPR. After my keepers, a few key trades, and some risky moves this is what I walked away with.

QB - Andy Dalton
WR - Jamison Crowder
RB - Lev Bell
RB - Jordan Howard
TE - Jack Doyle
W/R - Carlos Hyde
BN - Devante Parker
BN - Jeremy Maclin
BN - Terrance West
BN - Darren Sproles
BN - Joe Williams
BN - Eli Manning


Pretty thin at WR (you better hope Parker pans out, which I expect him to), but otherwise I like it a lot


Yeah I was one pick away from getting Crabtree which I would have loved. But I figured if either Parker or Maclin work out I’ll be ok. Fingers crossed.


If Parker hits, this is gold.


this has been up for 20 min and im still stunned that no one has asked what god you prayed to, to get both bell and OBJ.


haha OBJ was a keeper. Our league rules state that you keep the player the round you drafted him for a max of three years. Well his rookie year I drafted him in the last round since he was injured and a rookie. Got lucky and hit on him. So he has been kept on my team for three years now (this is my last year). So he only cost me my 14th round pick.


That’s insane.


Yeah, it has worked out quite nice for me.