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How'd I draft?


12-Team Standard ESPN Auction League

Drank a bit too much and took an extra defense and TE towards the end lol. My team feels kind of weak at WR. Do I drop somebody and pick up Robby Anderson or Funchess?


I don’t think you drafted terrible…except for the double up on D and TE lol!!

Martin will be your flex once he returns and you did great with DJ as your RB1 with Jordy as your WR1 but Diggs would be a stretch for a WR2 most weeks.

I’d rather have Anderson over Funchess if those are your only two options.


absolutely drop Arizona…no need for 2 D’s. Are those your only two choices? Funches is more fun to say out loud.


Very little to get excited about on the waiver for WR/RB. My league is 12 teams, and they tend to do a decent job in the draft. Most notable names are probably:

Kenny Golladay
M. Goodwin
Robby Anderson
JJ Nelson

Jamal Williams
Dion Lewis
Samaje Perrine
James Conor


Drop Cardinals and not the Texans? I have a tough time trusting the Texans D. Are they expected to have a good year defensively this year?


I’m a Texans fan and follow them heavily. Yes, they have a great chance to take the Texans to the AFC Championship game. Just saying. Not only do you have a healthy Clowney and JJ is back? Watch out! Oh, don’t let me forget about Cushing and Mercelis…I wouldn’t be surprised if they scored more fantasy points than the Texans offensive players this year! Haha!


I would do it based on the 1st week. I stream D…best matchup that week and Texans have Jax