How'd my draft go?!

Grade my draft! The biggest concern is probably the risk of injury at RB imo!

If this was your team, what’s your next move?!


Team is stacked… are you drafting against a bunch of first-timers?

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Actually not really! It was odd, lots of KC Chiefs fans so that moved Mahomes, Kelce, and Hill up. I had the 2nd overall pick. Wasn’t planning on touching Damien Williams but he fell to me at the end of the 4th then I knew I could go WR at the turn of the 5th. Cam was on the board in the 13th because it was the night after he hurt his foot but I figured I could roll the dice there. All teams took at least 2 QBs so I shored it up with Jameis but will drop him for a kicker or Justin Jackson / Matt Breida since Cam is healthy.

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I wouldn’t drop Winston. They are awful and figure to be coming from behind most weeks. That means lots of passing. On top of that they have a terrible backfield. Which means even more passing. He could be in for some big weeks.

Then who would you drop for the addition of a kicker? Or who would you try to acquire in a 2-1 or 3-2 trade?

Solid team.
Question, I wanna rock the cmc/cam stack. where did you take Cam/ where were you targeting him?

I was fortunate and our draft was the day after he hurt his foot therefore his draft stock plummeted. I got him in the 13th, lucky me! I was guessing he’d go anywhere from 8-10 depending on how deep guys were drafting QBs! Lots of guys passed up on due to the injury concern.

My tip would be monitoring how many other teams have QBs drafted and then that may dictate how soon you have to pull the trigger.

I’m assuming you have the 1st or 2nd pick in your draft?

I have first. I’ve been taking him 9.01 in mocks. Tried a few where i tried to see if he’d make it to 10.10. Nope. he goes around 10.5 pretty consistently.
If zeke signs before we draft its all moot, because he’s my 1.01. But wanted to see your guage. thanks Cody

Definitely no reason to roster 2 qbs imo. I’d drop him or else package trading ins’t a bad idea.

you got so much talent on your bench its crazy. I would try to trade Damein Williams to a Chiefs fan to see what I could get in return, since you have Fournette on your bench.

I seriously dont know how you pulled this off. I’d love to see what the teams you drafted against look like because some of them definitely messed up. How did sanders and Fournette end up as your bench players. Either way congrats man you’re in for a very successful season. Also theres no need to have winston you can drop him for your kicker

Congrats! Your team is stacked for sure! I don’t know who to tell you to drop but, personally, I like Jameis more than Cam (Norv going to limit his running upside). I may be on an island there I know.

I like the upside for the entire roster. So I wouldn’t be comfortable recommending who you should trade. But a trade is your best route in my opinion.

Was this a 8 man league? No way my 12 man league would ever look like that.

It’s a 10 team league, I’m pretty happy with it but I’m never content. Lol

nice draft definitely Winston drop when its time, but a two for one is a good idea especially when you can dangle Williams and fournette I would think that could get you a solid rb 10-12 say lev bell
help me please

I think you can probably go ahead and pull the trigger based on the info you gave me! You need to strengthen your wide outs and getting Nuk would definitely do that! Not a huge fan of Rivers but lots of leagues have plenty of quality QBs available. Losing Ballage doesn’t hurt much with the depth you have at RB!