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How'd my first 12-team draft go?


12-team PPR. Standard roster.

How’d I do?

QB: Rivers, Dalton
RB: Murray, Hunt, Powell, Abdullah, J. Charles
WR: M. Thomas, K. Allen, Diggs, Moncrief, J. Brown
TE: Ertz
DST: Vikings, Steelers
K: Lutz


Not very good. You can only play one Defense, so why draft 2? Same with QB. Why draft two? Rivers has a brutal early schedule, so all you need is Dalton. The result would have been 2 additional quality players on your roster. Charles is a wasted draft pick and you likely took Hunt too high. The only 3 players I really like here are Murray, Powell, and Thomas. Powell plays for the Jets, though, so . . . he is an RB3 probably. Sorry. Better luck next time.


i actually don’t hate it…my 10 team league most owners drafts 2 QBs (only start 1), i don’t but if your 12 team league drafts and holds QBs, i don’t blame you
Charles is meh, but great depth at RB
i like your WRs (though i think Thomas is going to regress)
i agree that only 1 D is needed…
good luck this season


Thanks for the responses

I also don’t normally take 2 QBs but they were pretty thin by the time I got Rivers so I decided to grab another one since I’m not super comfortable with either.

And I’ll be dropping the Steelers D after week 1 most likely. I only grabbed them because I don’t like the Vikings matchup.

I also only drafted Charles as an upside pick, not really expecting much and he’ll be droppable for me