How's this Dynasty team? Three Good Rookie Picks Incoming

What do you guys think of this team/situation? 10 team full PPR NON superflex. Year 3 of our league. In the upcoming rookie draft, I hold picks 1.02, 1.04, and 2.03 (and, again, this is a 10 teamer). Thinking trades (because what else is there to think about)—what would you target?

Here’s where I’m at currently:

QB: Deshaun Watson

RB: Chris Carson

RB: Colonel Raheem Mostert

WR: Deebo Samuel

WR: DJ Chark

WR: AJ Green

TE: Hayden Hurst

Flex: Will Fuller

Flex: Kerryon Johnson

K: Butker

Defense: Not holding one for now

BN: Gerald Everett

BN: Dawson Knox

BN: David Njoku

BN: Jonnu Smith

BN: Antonio Brown

BN: Demarcus Robsinson

BN: Andy Isabella

BN: Hakeem Butler

BN: Darrell Henderson

BN: Justin Jackson

BN: Boston Scott

BN: Rashaad Penny

BN: Gardner Minshew

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I think you’re over harboured on the TE front - could do with trading Njoku away in the preseason before he gets company at the Browns this season. I doubt he’ll have much value this time next year!

I take it AB cost you big on the initial draft? Where are you drafting in your rookie draft?

Yeah I have a bunch of TEs and none of them are exactly proven, but there’s not much else of use on the WW, so it is what it is. And yeah, my first picks for our start up were AB and David Johnson, so that’s hurt a lot (Gave up DJ recently as part of a trade to get an extra high first.).

My picks in the rookie draft are 1.02, 1.04, and 2.03. So I have 2nd overall pick, 4th overall pick, and 13th overall pick.

bump bump bump! Just found out my draft will be Wednesday. Anyone?

take rb with 1.02

So the draft is TODAY!

I am feeling JT/CEH at 2, Dobbins or Swift at 4, and best WR at 13. How does that sound? I’m also intrigued a lot by Lamb at 4 but what am I gonna do.

Good luck on your draft today! I would take JT/CEH at 2 like you said, at 4 I don’t think you can go wrong with whoever you take, I think after the top 6 is where the tier cuts off at. Your team doesn’t have any glaring needs so taking lamb at 4 after you took an RB at 2 is a great idea. At 13 it’s usually WRs that are the best option there, if somehow akers or vaughn drop there I would suggest grabbing them otherwise best WR available

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