Hoyer or Dalton this week?

Not many options for me this week.

Can I tag in a question too? I have Palmer as well as those two options. Manning is also available. Which one for this week?

I’d still go Dalton despite the matchup. I have the same issue, but going with the best quarterback.

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I would go Palmer against that Philly secondary. And Manning is available??? Stash him!!!

I would go with palmer or manning.

I picked up Dalton last night all ready. Just second guessing the match up.

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I’ll probably pick up Manning for this week and play him over Palmer. I figure this week and next is streaming and then hopefully Luck can be back for week 7.

Same. I’ve got luck in the IR. But my league is dumb with QB. Everyone has 2. Flacko didn’t get dropped tell today. He was drafted. Cutler is still owned. Drafted as well. I don’t mind it since my team is in good shape. Just not many streaming options has hurt.

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Hoyer to the rescue!


My league is only 8, but the other 7 own 17 QBs. The guy with Rodgers and Cam just outbid me for Watson and said he did it so no one else could use him. I guess it’s good strategy, but he hasn’t had to deal with injuries. Besides waiting out Luck’s return I’ve lost Allen Robinson for the season and Ty Montgomery for who knows how long. I’d rather have depth at RB and WR, but so far the guys with 3 QBs are at the top of the standings. :weary:

Right, pick you’re poison.

My opponent has Brady. So depending on how the match up is going after the Thursday game. I might have the glory play with Hoyer.