I am in a conundrum. I have been riding Keenan Cole this season. My other receivers are Odell Beckham, TY Hilton, John Brown, and Geronimo Allison. I am considering adding Antonio Callaway over Cole. Is this advisable?

I don’t think so. Nice to have Callaway though, esp bc this appears to be a 1 RB league? You honestly might just drop Ekeler since you have Dion Lewis. And I figure there are other good backup options for Saquon’s bye week if Lewis is sucking it up since it’s such an RB-light league.

Damn dude, yeah. There are a bunch of guys I’d much rather have than Ekeler in your free agency. You are free to drop Ekeler for Callaway.

I might even pick up Lindsay instead.

And possibly start him.