Hue Jackson fired

wowza… guess im not that surprised

I guess this is what happens when you average a win a season…

I’m a UTn fan. The Haslams are a walking football mushroom cloud. Matter of fact, there are vast conspiracies, with much legitimacy, that they intentionally destroy programs. Look at what theyve done to UT and the Browns. BTW they have major influence over UT football affairs, as our single largest donor. It was Haslam that planted our horrible AD that attempted to hire Schiano, before VolNation rebelled against the machine. In other words, await the next horrible hire in Cleveland.

What is the impact on Browns’ players for fantasy ROS? Do they all improve?

Can they get worse is the real question.

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Yes, yes they can lol. They have a knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory…

Tough to say. They’ve also just fired Todd Haley so new head coach and new OC, don’t think it will get worse but until we know who is coming in we’re at a standstill for now with Browns players