Huge 2QB League Trade Offer! Help!

He gets, Mike Evans & Kirk Cousins

I get, Deandre Hopkins & Dalvin Cook

2QB, 0.5 PPR, All TD’s Worth +6 & Fumbles/Interceptions -4

My roster looks like this if I take the deal:

  • QB: Trubisky & Watson

  • RB: Barkley, Kamara, Ingram, McCoy, Howard & Kerryon (Cook)

  • WR: Green, Diggs, Ridley, Cooper & Allison (Hopkins)

I’m talking to the Brees owner and he might move do Brees and TY for Green and McCoy…

Keep in mind I play this guy this week and Cook is out but does it matter? Is this deal too good to pass up? Let me know!

What do you guys think?