HUGE 4 Team Trade. Opinions?

Okay so here is the rundown.

Im in a 12 team. standard league.

The trade is between me and my 3 roommates.

Aaron Rodgers
RBs: Freeman, Hunt, CJ Anderson, Forte, Perine, Buck Allen, Mcfadden (in case of zeke news)
WRs: Cooper, Diggs, Decker, John Brown, Ginn
TE: Clay (might pick up ebron, doyle, ben watson)

GIVE: CJ and Buck Allen
GET: Michael Thomas and Brandon Marshall

Gives: OBJ, Ertz, Hopkins, Jarvis Landry, Brees
Gets: Cousins, Melvin Gordon, Demaryious Thomas, Buck Allen, Davante Parker

Gives: Melvin Gordon, Demaryious Thomas, Abdullah
Gets: Brees, Jarvis Landry, Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen, Derrick Henry, Ertz

Gives: Michael Thomas, Kirk Cousins, Jordan Howard, Cohen, Davante Parker, Derrick Henry
Gets: Ameer Abdullah, Hopkins, OBJ, CJ Anderson

Here are my thoughts:
I am 2-0 so far but believe I am short on WR. this trade would definitely help me out by adding a reciever but trading away a 10-25 point scoring running back. What does everyone else think?

Who would win this trade if all 4 of us decide to go through with it?

You’re giving up huge production backs for one good receiver and another that we have no idea if he will produce in his new offense. Marshall has been mediocre through the first two weeks and Thomas hasn’t been much better. You deserve way more than you’re giving up.

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im leaning towards declining as of now. I do believe michael thomas will turn it around, he hasnt had very good match ups the last two weeks.

bump, anyone else?

Emphatic no! you’re giving up way too much. Right now you have great RB depth, but if you get rid of CJA and Allen, you put yourself at a big disadvantage if you lost Freeman/Hunt to injury. Think about it, take yourself out of the trade, and you would still be able to flip CJA for Thomas if you really like him. I’d keep Allen for depth. Marshall is a throw-in that isn’t very promising. With the pieces you’re willing to give up, you can get much more in return.