Huge congrats to all that took it!

As mentioned in the title…HUGE CONGRATS to all that are now hoisting that trophy!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Been so much fun here this year with y’all……ESPECIALLY being such a crazy, nuts year!!!

Already looking forward to next year and hope to see ALL OF YOU here!!! Y’all are the BEST!!! HUGS from one FFB’r to everybody!!! :hugs:

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Thanks! Been a great season and even more fun than usual thanks to the footballers and the community here. I’m torn, as I want to help promote the podcast but also want to keep it a secret from my league mates haha. Quality analysis and relaxed and genuinely humorous banter make the footballers the best show out there. On to 2019 for my champions!!

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LOL…very well said my friend. BEEN THERE…MORE TIMES THAN I CAN COUNT!!! This place is my little secret and can only hope all my league mates never find this place!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Sorry Andy, Mike and Jason!!! :wink:

Haha I’ll just send them all to Matthew Berry hahahahaha

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:rofl:…there ya go!!! LOLOLOLOL…I like the way you think my friend!!! Now THAT’S funny!!!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I won the title and just posted about why it was my most satisfying season I’ve had. Yahoo! gave me an F on my draft and picked me to finish dead last at 1-13. Winning the title when Yahoo! basically sneered at my chances was so satisfying.

I add my congratulations to everyone else who hoisted the trophy!

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