HUGE TRADE Advice please!

Being offered 2 trades:

  1. I give up Dak and Landry and Receive Dez and Matt Ryan
  2. I give up Lamar Miller, Alvin Kamara & Devin Funchess and receive Michael Thomas & Doug Martin

If I did both trades by roster would like this:

QB: Matt Ryan (might even drop him)
WR: Dez Bryant
WR: Michael THomas
RB: Devonta Freeman
RB: Doug Matrin
TE: Delanie Walker
Flex: Doug Baldwin
B: Aaron Jones
B: Austin Sefarian Jenkins
B: Jay Ajayi
B: Juju Smith


Funchess going to be#1 in Carolina.

No way you should give up Dak

Actually all those traded look bad. I wouldn’t do any of them

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I was leaning towards that man, I just needed some assurance.

Yeah man Kamara looks special, Funch now is #1 and you want a piece of that hot Houston offense right now…

That dude was trying to rape you without lube

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Reject button.

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Would not get rid of Dak-Zeke is now gonna have to serve 6 games-I think its bullshit to by the way! Goodell is a joke! Overpaid and just trying to make up for that Ray Rice etc fiasco! Sorry had to vent!

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Zeke could potentially play this week. Still don’t do it though

Zeke is out of options-Will now serve his games-The last hammer fell I thought-

That is not true at all…

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Ok thank you! Thought they had ruled on it already-This Whole situation is a mess-Thanks for clarifying!!!

Yeah it’s a mess…

I think that Rod Smith is gonna surprise a lot of people when Zeke gets suspended-

Kamara alone is probably worth more than martin in any kind of ppr… Funchess is the only WR in CAR now that kelvin got traded… and lamar miller has martins floor on an offense that will score 3 times as many points… i like michael thomas but i dont see anything changing for him… you have his ceiling at like 18 points and a non existent floor… thats how brees runs an offense… people were just caught up in thomas somehow being transcendant above what he actually is in that offense that doesnt favor a single target hog WR. Miller for Thomas staight up is probably fair depending on your needs… dont get greedy with the names in theses trades.


Thank you guys!