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Huge Trade Completed, Who Won?


Standard League

Team 1: Dak Prescott, Devonta Freeman & Michael Crabtree
Team 2: Tyrod Taylor, LeSean McCoy & Samaje Perine

Decided to call it quits on Dak since he’s been looking abysmal and although Tyrod might not be starting for the rest of the year, his schedule is very favorable. McCoy is an obvious upgrade to Freeman since he’s the focus and also the easy playoff schedule. Decided to go with the hot hand and swapped Crab for Perine since he’s been looking like the real deal. But that’s my opinion, what do you guys think?


Team 2 clearly won. Love McCoy and Perine. Upgrades all around. Even at QB right now


all 3 players were an upgrade assuming you had WR depth. easily a win for you


Team two with the winning side of that one. McCoy and Perine should be solid moving forward. Nice one.


I like the players on team 2 better, unless your wide outs stink. Then losing Crabtree could be painful.


Appreciate all the feedback guys, makes me feel better about pulling the trigger on this Thanksgiving day deal. :grin: