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HUGE trade for gronk+doug


12 team.5 ppr,

My: David Johnson, Duke Johnson Jr, Chris Hogan, Alvin Kamara

His: Gronk, Doug Martin, Kirk Cousins

Starters on team: Lev Bell, Marshawn Lynch, Mike Evans, Carson Palmer

Bench: Watkins, Luck, Kearse, Gallman

additional notes: just lost Clay, and this owner just lost OBJ


No I would keep yours. Get ASJ off waivers. don’t pay that much for Gronk. Kamara catches a lot of passes and now AP is gone. same with duke. Keep what you got. David Johnson will be back in less than the time stated originally.


the gronk owner currently has ASJ


Then pick up the guy who is the new TE for Bills. Gronk isn’t worth that. DJ will be back before long, it wont be 3 months more like 2 from when it happened